Best Red Light Therapy Device for Hair Loss

Best red light therapy device for hair loss

There are various types of devices available in the market for Red light therapy for hair loss treatment. The two major Red light therapy devices are;

  1. Laser combs
  2. Laser caps for Hair Loss

We will recommend you go with Laser caps as the best red light therapy device for your hair loss treatment.

Best red light therapy device for hair loss (Review)

laser light therapy hair loss

Kiierr – Best red light therapy device for Hair Loss

Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap – Guaranteed Result Within 7 Months

kiierr laser cap

Kiierr laser caps are the best in the market today for hair growth. This robust laser cap comes with 272 laser diodes, making them powerful and encourages uniform hair regrowth. This FDA cleared cap suitable for both men and women.

The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap has uniform laser diodes that go deep inside the hair tissue and increase blood flow. Thus the tissue receives the required amount of nutrients and oxygen that promotes hair growth.

The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap’s main aim is to activate the dead hair cells and reverse the hair loss. One with lengthy and voluminous hair can also use the caps to inject laser energy into the hair cells.

The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap follows a timeline where the initial 90 days are for stopping hair loss while the next 90 days are for hair regrowth. Using the laser cap for more than 180 days makes the hair thicker and voluminous.

Kiierr red light therapy device Features

  1. The portable Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap has an upgraded battery that can be used thrice with a one-time charge.
  2. It works on sensor technology so that after 30 minutes, the cap shuts down by itself. It also ensures safety as the required amount of energy is only transmitted.
  3. The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap also comes with a portable power bank, so you can charge the cap at any place and thus use it even while travelling.
  4. The deep base of the cap covers the entire scalp. The design is such that both sides and back scalp are also covered and have uniform hair regrowth.
  5. The best part of the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is the availability of caps in different sizes. Yes, you can have a regular size of XL, depending on your head size.
  6. The baseball looking cap is suitable while you are doing other work. So, you can wear it even at the office and don’t have to take some extra time to undergo treatment.


Things we like

  • Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is portable and convenient to use. One is not required to stick to one place while using the device.
  • The treatment is painless and non-invasive. Moreover, it is compatible with other hair regrowth medications to get quick results.
  • There is no wetness or dryness after use, and thus there are no issues post-treatment.
  • It has to be used only for 30 minutes on every alternate day. So there is no need to compromise work as the time of treatment is very convenient for all.

Things we don’t like

  • Kiierr laser caps are available only on their official site, making it hard to find honest reviews of users. It is hard to believe etch reviews available at the official site.
  • The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is not suitable for hair loss due to medication or stress.
  • To have fuller and thicker hair, it has to be used for a lifetime.
  • Kiierr laser caps are not available on Amazon and other famous shopping sites. So, one has to buy from the official site, where it is hard to find discounts on the laser caps.

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Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap Price

There are two different models available for Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap. One has 184 diodes, while the other has 272 diodes. The prices of both the models are different so let’s check it out:

  1. Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap with 272 diodes that costs around $845.
  2. The cost of 148 diodes with a complete system costs $675 while the basic costs $595.

Where to buy this red light therapy device for hair loss?

Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is available on their official site. So, people looking to reverse the hair loss must visit the site and get their laser cap to promote regrowth.


  • The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is working on technology that revises hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.
  • People moving towards baldness will find the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap as it slows down the process. To get a good result, it is advisable to use the cap in the initial stage of hair loss.
  • Kiierr is going deep inside the tissue and thus heal all the damaged cells. The uniform arrangement of laser diodes is efficient enough to make all the dead cells active to encourage regrowth.
  • People who are suffering from hair thinning can also go for Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap. So, people who wish to have thicker and stronger hair can also go for laser caps.
  • The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap engorge thicker hair follicles and thus results in thicker hair. The laser energy is very beneficial for the hair follicle and helps hair cells to regrow.
  • It is one of the easiest methods to treat hair loss. So, one who is embarrassed because of hair must surely opt for Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap to promote hair regrowth.

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  • The results of the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap vary from person to person. So, it’s hard to know whether it will be effective or not.
  • Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap assures regrowth in 7 months, but the given time frame does not provide results in some adverse cases.
  • These laser caps are very powerful, and so one with sensitive skin might face skin rashes and itchiness.

Does red light therapy device for hair loss help, really?

Best red light therapy device for hair review

The laser caps work on red light therapy, where photons are eradicated deep inside the scalp tissues. The photons that go deep into the cells help to heal them and encourage hair regrowth. This process of hair regrowth is painless and very effective.

The laser caps come with laser emitting diodes that are arranged in a uniform pattern. The loss does treatments emits laser energy that improves the circulation and also stimulates the hair follicles. It encourages hair regrowth without inserting any instruments into the body.

There is no pan using red light therapy, and it is one of the most important reasons people are opting for it. Moreover, using laser caps gives you the freedom to undergo treatment from the comfort of the home. These devices are designed to reverse the hair loss process and also strengthen the hair.

Benefits of using red light therapy device for hair loss

  1. Laser caps stimulate hair regrowth as the laser goes deep inside and encourages follicles to regrow hair.
  2. Laser caps is a non-invasive treatment and so is considered the safest among all. There are no instruments used in laser caps that are injected inside the body.
  3. The best part is these laser caps promote not only her regrowth but also reduces hair fall. It helps to strengthen and make it thicker.
  4. Most laser caps available in the market are FDA approved, and so one can opt for it. Moreover, it is a painless treatment that can be opted for hair loss treatment.
  5. Both men and women can use laser caps. Laser apps are compatible with other products like essential nutrients, and a combination of all gives quick results.
  6. Time is an essential factor today so lase caps come with a manageable time commitment. It means one has to use it for the utmost 25 – 30 minutes on alternate days.
  7. Many caps are portable and allow multitasking like you can play, work etc. So, there is no need to give extra time from schedule to op for hair loss treatment.

Side effects of using red light therapy devices

  • The laser caps treatment for hair loss can prove time-consuming. People are often required to go for treatment for the whole life to maintain hair growth and avoid hair loss.
  • People in advanced stages of hair loss like baldness or minimal growth might not find the treatment effective.
  • The cost of laser caps is very expensive, and so everyone cannot afford it. One has to spend thousands of dollars on treating hair loss, and still, in many conditions, results are not as expected.
  • There are many side effects with the laser caps, but sensitive skin can have itchiness and rashes. So, you need to consult the doctor immediately.

Why is the Kiierr Laser light therapy device better than others?

People are opting for red light therapy to deal with hair loss. Among all the devices, laser caps are the best among all. These caps are very effective and also give quick results. Many brands in the market have come up with the best laser caps, but Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is the best among all.

The laser caps come with 272 individual laser diodes that result in uniform hair regrowth. So, no matter whether the hair is scarce on sides or hairline, the cap proves effective to use. Moreover, it comes with full scalp coverage to give your quick results.

The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is similar to any ball cap and so you can wear it while working in the office or playing with children. The portable and hands-free device makes it flexible to do multitasking while undergoing hair regrowth treatment.

Kiierr laser caps with a two-year manufacturing warranty and a 7-month money-back guarantee if there are no visible results. Cost is an important concern, and so Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is one of the best options that come with an affordable option. Yes, the cost of one time Kiierr Laser Hair growth treatment less than $4.5.

FAQs related to the best red light therapy device for hair loss

faqs related to red light therapy devices

1. At what age red light therapy device to be used?

Everyone who is above 18 can use laser caps to get rid of hair loss. Both men and women can opt for this treatment to reverse hair loss and get thicker hair. One who has under 18 must consult a doctor before using any such device.

2. Is Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap compatible with other hair treatments?

Yes, Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap can be used with other hair treatments for good growth. Some medications can be used with laser caps and helps to give additional benefits. So, to get quick results to use a laser cap with other effective treatments.

3. Why opt for FDA approved laser caps?

It is very important to impart laser energy in a controlled proportion, so it is advisable to opt for only FDA approved laser caps. The FDA approved laser caps are designed according to safety regulations and thus ensure complete safety.


People struggling with hair loss and looking out to get their hair back must surely go for red light therapy devices like laser caps. The laser caps are very effective and go deep inside the hair follicle to encourage hair regrowth.

People who have patience will indeed find laser caps to treat hair loss as one of the best options. The Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is very effective, and if you want to get hair back, check out the best laser caps with all required features and affordable.

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