Does laser light therapy work for hair loss?

Does laser light therapy work for hair loss

The problem of hair loss is considered normal nowadays. There can be many reasons for this, such as age, heredity, hormonal changes or poor nutrition. There can be many solutions to this problem and one of them is Laser light therapy! There are a lot of rumours circulating on the internet about laser light therapy. Some are true, some are false.

Does laser light therapy work for hair loss?

Physicians are not unanimous on whether or not laser therapy is effective on hair loss and baldness problems, but if results are seen then it has proved to be effective for many people and some didn’t get any benefit from it. Laser therapy results have been quite volatile but have been considered completely safe and largely effective.

According to a study conducted in 2013, laser therapy provides 39 percent growth to hair within 16 weeks. After this, a study done in the year 2014 showed that it is totally safe and effective too. There are no two opinions that the results have been unstable, but laser therapy has proved beneficial in most cases. But laser therapies are time-consuming and expensive.

So if you are also troubled by the problem of hair loss then laser therapy can prove to be a good solution. But it depends entirely on your current situation. Laser treatment is considered effective and safe for hair loss. In this article, you’ll know about laser light therapy, its pros, cons and side effects too.

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What is Laser light therapy?

Laser light therapy is a modern medical system in which various problems are treated using focused light. Diseases such as cancer are also treated by experts using laser light therapy. Low-level laser light therapy is mainly used in the case of hair loss. Low-level laser therapy is also called red light therapy and cold laser therapy.

Low-dose laser treatments increase blood flow to the scalp and promote circulation and stimulation. This encourages hair follicles to grow. Some physicians also believe that low-dose laser therapy is also beneficial for genetic baldness.

In theory, Low-level laser therapy radiates photons into the scalp tissue using focused light. These photons are absorbed by weak cells, which directly helps the hair to grow. Physicians are still unanimous if laser therapy is effective or not. Some believe it to be effective and some do not.

Are there any side effects of laser therapy?

Laser therapy is an advanced technological therapy system and people are often seen to be intimidated by such medical treatments. There are rumours about this type of treatment that they have a lot of side effects. But in reality, it is nothing like that. Low light laser therapy is a low dose laser therapy that does not burn the skin like high-intensity laser therapy.

Low light laser therapy leads to the regeneration of natural cells in the scalp, due to which it is considered to be safe to a great extent. The maximum side effects of low-level laser light therapy are thought to be simple pain, that too in only a few cases.

What are the benefits of laser light therapy?

Laser light therapy is an advance but safe medical treatment, which has the following benefits:

  1. There are no side effects: The biggest advantage of laser light therapy is that there are no side effects. Low-dose laser therapy is used for the treatment of hair loss and baldness, which does not cause any side effects in the body. According to a study done in the year 2014, it is completely safe and this is the biggest benefit of this laser therapy.
  2. It is painless: Treatments such as hair transplants are also done to solve the problem of hair loss and baldness which are quite painful but there is nothing like this in the case of low light laser therapy. Low-light laser therapy uses low-power focused light for the regeneration of cells, causing no pain at all.
  3. It enhances hair strength: One special thing about low-dose laser therapy is that it increases the strength of the hair, mainly due to the regeneration of cells. It performs natural cell regeneration in the scalp through modern technology, which strengthens the hair.
  4. It can grow hair around the head: Currently, a variety of medical methods are used to grow hair and as a solution to many hair problems. Some of these treatments are for the front of the head and some for the back. But laser light treatment can help in the development of hair around the head.

What are the disadvantages of laser light therapy?

Laser light treatment is really effective and safe but it also has some disadvantages which are:

  • It takes a long time: Laser light treatment is a great treatment for hair loss problems but one negative point about it is that it takes a lot of time. It is very time consuming and one has to wait weeks to get the results. Low-level laser light therapy takes 12 to 26 weeks to achieve better results.
  • It is expensive: Although you want to spend a lot of money on your hair loss problem, it completely depends on you, but laser treatment is a really expensive treatment. Laser light treatment can cost thousands of dollars a year.
  • It might not be effective: It is clear that low light laser therapy has no side effects, but it may not prove beneficial or effective for you. In many cases, light therapy has not proved to be effective, but in many cases, it has proved to be very beneficial, so its results are unstable and can be negative for you.

Should you try laser light therapy for hair loss?

In this article, we talked about laser therapy and its advantages and disadvantages etc.

But now the main issue is whether laser light therapy will prove to be beneficial for you or not?

Laser light therapy is an advanced technique through which the problem of hair loss and pattern baldness is treated and in most cases, it has proved beneficial then you can definitely try it. It is a bit expensive but there are many portable devices for it which can prove to be a bit economical.

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