Kiierr Laser Cap vs Capillus Laser Cap (Kiierr vs Capillus)

kiierr vs capillus

Laser caps is one of the best and effective treatment to promote hair growth. In addition, people who have lost their confidence because of hair loss can get it back by laser treatment.

There is no need to visit a doctor under laser therapy as every laser cap or helmet comes with detailed manual instruction. Many brands come up with different types of laser caps, and it isn’t apparent for users to decide what is better for them.

So, if you too are confused between Kiierr vs Capillus, these factors will give a clear idea to users. There are many things to consider while selecting the best laser cap for hair loss, so let’s check what makes the difference between Kiierr laser cap vs Capillus laser cap.

Kiierr vs Capillus – Kiierr Laser Cap vs Capillus Laser Cap Comparison

Kiierr laser cap Capillus laser cap
FDA approved and works on 650mn FDA approved with 650mn
148 and 272 lasers 82,202 and 272 lasers
30 minutes on alternate days 6 minutes daily
The cap comes in different head size It comes in only one size
It comes with 7 months money-back guarantee Offers 6 months refund, if results are not visible

Kiierr laser cap (Kiierr s Capillus)

Kiierr is a well-known name in the market as it is one of the best products to reverse the hair loss process. It is an FDA-cleared cap that can go deep in calp and promote hair growth.

kiierr laser cap

Kiierr comes in two different models – 148 and 272 lasers. Both models are best to deal with a receding hairline, thinning, and even increasing baldness. The best part is both men and women use the Kiierr laser cap to deal with hair loss.

The narrow laser beam is enough to increase blood flow, win the scalp and activate the dormant hair cells. It gives all the required nutrients that can help for the growth of hair. In addition, using the cap for more than 1 year helps get rid of hair loss and thicker hair.

It follows a timeline where the initial 3 months will reduce hair loss and make space for the new hair. The following three month helps in the growth of hair. After 6 months, the hair becomes thicker and stronger. So, one must have the patience to get satisfactory results with the Kiierr laser cap.

Kiierr laser cap Features

  1. The Kiierr laser cap is an FDA-approved cap that is safe for both men and women.
  2. The rechargeable battery is efficient enough to work for more than a week in one-time charging.
  3. The low-level laser is efficient enough to supply required nutrients and thus help in the growth of hair.
  4. It also has an automatic shut off which means that the laser cap will stop after 30 minutes to avoid overheating the cap. The cap also beeps after every 10 minutes.
  5. The Kiierr laser cap comes in 148 and 272 laser that offers full scalp coverage. So, this laser cap is helpful for balding, thinning, and even increasing baldness.
  6. The cap comes with a 7-month money-back guarantee which means if results are not visible within the given time frame, one can get a refund.
  7. It is available in different head sizes, so one would find it comfortable to wear.
  8. The Kiierr laser cap looks like the regular baseball cap worn while going out of the home.



  • This FDA-approved cap can treat all hair-related issues like thinning and balding.
  • Kiierr needs to be used for 30 minutes on alternate days to promote the growth of hair cells.
  • The increased blood flow and energy to hair follicles results in hair growth and thus helps to give thicker and longer hair.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that makes the device portable.
  • Kiierr is a non-invasive, effective, and hands-free device to promote hair growth.
  • It is safe to use shampoos and other hair supplements to get effective results.


  • People with sensitive skin can face irritation, rashes, or even itchiness, as Kiierr is quite powerful.
  • The results with the Kiierr laser cap vary from person to person. So, it is hard to say whether it will be effective for all or not.
  • People using Kiierr for hair growth must have the patience to see visible results.

Capillus laser cap (Kiierr vs Capillus)

capillus laser cap

Capillus is an FDA-cleared laser cap that stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles and makes them thicker to support healthy hair growth. The laser tight is efficient enough to activate the hair cells to encourage hair growth.

Capillus comes with a rechargeable battery which means it is a portable laser cap. You are not restricted to one place while using the cap. The cap needs to be worn for 6 minutes daily to get effective results.

The Capillus laser cap is effective for hair thinning, receding hairline, and even work on increasing baldness. This laser cap offers full scalp coverage to have consistent hair growth and helps to get thicker, longer, and stronger hair.

It comes with 6 months money-back guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with the result, get your money back. However, one has to use the cap for 4-6 months to see visible results.

Capillus laser cap Features

  1. The cap needs to be worn only for 6 minutes daily to get effective results.
  2. It is an FDA-approved laser cap that is safe for all, and one can undergo hair loss treatment from the comfort of their home.
  3. The portability of the laser cap gives you the freedom to move even while wearing the cap.
  4. Capillus comes with high-quality medical lasers that can go deep inside the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.
  5. It is effective in treating hair thinning and reduce hair loss. One who is using it continuously can even get thicker and longer hair.
  6. The cap shuts off automatically after 6 minutes, so you don’t have to keep an eye on the watch, and also it avoids any overheating.
  7. The cap is similar to a regular baseball cap to wear while going out the home.



  • It is a hands-free laser device that is quite comfortable to use.
  • The cap turns off automatically after 6 minutes.
  • It is an FDA-approved cap that makes it safe for home treatment.
  • The rechargeable battery gives you the freedom to wear the cap while going out of the home.
  • It is pretty similar to a regular baseball cap.
  • This laser cap comes in different models to select the cap based on their requirements and budget.
  • The laser cap can be used with other hair goring hair products to get effective results.


  • Capillus laser caps are expensive as compared to other caps in the market.
  • The laser cap does not fit all head sizes.
  • It takes at least 6 months to get visible results, and thus, one has to keep patience.

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Detailed comparison of Kiierr vs Capillus

1. Look Comparison

Both Kiierr and Capillus are FDA-approved laser caps that work on low-level laser therapy. Both laser cap is similar to a baseball cap that can be worn even while out of the home.

kiierr laser cap vs capillus laser cap

But Capillus comes in 1 size, which is not adjustable for all. On the other hand, Kiierr is a stretch head laser cap that fit on all head size. So, even if both are in cap form and can treat hair loss issues, Kiierr offers variations in size.

2. Warranty Comparison

Before planning to buy a laser cap, it is imperative to look out at the warranty offered by the particular brand. Kiierr offers a 2-year manufacturing warranty, while Capillus offers one year warranty. It is possible to extend the warranty.

Kiierr gives seven months refund guarantee, which means if users don’t find results within this timeframe, one can get a complete refund. At the same time, Capillus offers 6 months money-back guarantee, but users have to pay 25% shipping charges for return.

3. Price Difference

People always look out for budget when looking for laser caps. For example, Kiierr has two models that range between $595 – $ 925.

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At the same time, Capillus, with an exact number of lasers, costs more than Kiierr. You can check recent price on Amazon for recent pricing.

It means the price of Capillus is relatively high compared to Kiierr, which is also one reason people avoid Capillus. The features of both the laser cap are approximately the same, but there is a considerable price.

4. Duration

It is vital to opt for the laser cap that manages your timing and doesn’t interrupt the routine life in such a busy life. Kiierr has to be worn for 30 minutes on alternate days, while Capillus needs 6 minutes daily.

So, both have their way of working, which one can select based on their schedule. But getting hair within the night is impossible, so everyone has to keep patience and wait at least for 6 months to get some visible results.

FAQs related to Kiierr laser cap vs Capillus laser cap

1. Are laser caps an effective treatment?

The research and studies on laser caps clarify that it is an effective treatment to encourage hair growth. The low-level laser light stimulates and nourishes the hair follicle to promote hair growth.

2. Are both Kiierr and Capillus safe?

Yes, both Kiierr and Capillus are FDA approved, which ensures minimal side effects. At the same time, both the laser cap uses a laser with 650mn that is safe for the skin tissue, and there is no harm.

3. Why is Kiierr preferred over Capillus?

The features and technology are almost identical in both the brands, but the price makes a big difference. Kiierr is available for under $1000, while Capillus with an exact number of diodes is nearly $3000. So, the price makes the difference, and the results are almost the same.


It is hard to say which is better among the Kiierr laser cap vs. the Capillus laser cap. Both are FDA-approved and works on the same technology. The working of laser caps is also nearly the same, so it’s solely dependent on your requirement and budget.

Yes, if we talk about warranty, both are the same, but there is a considerable price difference between both laser caps. Kiierr laser cap with 272 lasers costs $999, while the same number of lasers of Capillus costs $2999.

The look and working of both the caps are the same. Reviews and feedbacks also help to decide which cap should be preferred. Both have mixed reviews, but some users prefer Kiierr over Capillus.

There are different reasons for hair loss, and so the results also vary from person to person. One undergoing laser treatment must have patience as it takes to show the required result. So, if you are looking for an affordable and effective laser cap, Kiierr must be preferred.

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