Kiierr Laser Cap Review 2023 – (My Honest Review)

Kiierr Laser Cap Reviews

Are Kiierr Laser cap reviews on the Internet Fake? Why some people are calling Kiierr a Scam product? I’ll try covering every aspect of this product in today’s detailed Kieerr hair laser cap review.

Today on 2nd January 2023, we are updating this Kiierr Laser Cap review with the latest updates and reviews from the existing users of the product. The low-level light therapy used in the Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap is clinically proven to treat hair loss.


Before digging into reality, let’s know a bit more about Kiierr laser caps.

What is Kiierr Laser Cap therapy?

Laser caps are generally compact products that use low-level laser light therapy techniques to solve hair-related problems. Wearing a cap on your head would be better than going to the clinic for laser therapy every week, especially when you are saving thousands of dollars every year. Kiierr is one of the most popular brands when it comes to laser light products.

Kiierr’s laser caps are one of the most popular laser caps currently on the market. It has been declared profitable and safe by many medical institutions and even FDA. The FDA says it is beneficial and does not have any side effects. This is also one of the main reasons why this cap is popular.

Kiierr claims that 89 per cent of the people have benefited from his product. Apart from this, if you don’t see any benefit in 7 months, then returns can be taken.

Due to the excellent marketing team, there are many reviews on the Internet. Among these, the Honest Review has also described the cap as better and more beneficial.


During my research, I came to know that people were not able to get the refund as promised. After digging deep into their refund policy, I found some people claiming the return/refund of the product was done in the wrong way.

Well, I’ll tell you how you can claim the full refund if you don’t see any result even after using it for 210 days continuously.



How to use/wear a Kiierr laser cap?

kiierr laser cap

If we talk about how to use the Kiierr laser cap, then it has to be worn on the head for 30 minutes every day. After wearing it on the head, press the Start button and after 30 minutes it will stop automatically. This process can be followed until positive changes are seen in hair.

Kiierr Laser Cap is a lightweight, portable, functional and convenient product that has been described by the FDA as beneficial and safe for hair problems. Kiierr uses Pulsating Lasers in their cap which are considered more effective for hair growth.

Kiierr claims that their laser caps start showing results in 4 to 8 months if used regularly. Because hair is grown naturally in light laser therapy, it takes a little longer but it is better than many other artificial methods.

Customers also get a 2-year free warranty on the product. Kiierr laser caps can be used by both men and women above the age of 18 years.

The laser wavelength of the Kiierr laser cap is 650nm which is a great example of the modern technology of the present time. The laser cap of the Kiierr consists of lasers that emit light at 5 milliwatts. The laser cap emits this light energy through medical-grade laser diodes for better results.

If you are thinking of buying this great laser cap but there is doubt in your mind about the size, then tell them that it comes with a size of 23.5 inches and if you feel that this size will be small, then the XL option is also available. This cap has 148 or 272 medical-grade laser diodes, depending on which cap you buy.

Kiierr Laser Cap Review – FEATURES

kiierr laser cap scam

Kiierr Laser cap is a modern laser cap that has many advanced features. These advanced features are as follows:

  1. It has an upgraded battery: Batteries are a major part of any electronic product. In the case of Kiierr Laser Cap, when it comes to battery capacity, it can be used 3 times after charging once. That is, you have to charge it once in 3 days. These batteries have been made to work for 19 thousand hours and the product can be replaced if there are any problems before it.
  2. It covers your entire head: The base of the cap comes with a deep and wide design that covers your entire head. The base of this cap is designed in such a way that both the side and the backside along with the upper part of your head also get the proper benefit of laser light therapy.
  3. Size options are available: One special thing about Kiierr Laser Light Cap is that we get a lot of size options to choose from. The Kiierr cap also has an XL size option that is 25% larger than the regular size. This means, even if your head is a little big, there is no need to panic.
  4. Cap automatically shuts down: One thing to note about the Kiierr laser cap is that it takes complete care of your safety. 30 minutes of therapy is sufficient for anyone who has hair related problems and this cap automatically turns off after 30 minutes.
  5. It comes with a portable power bank: We also get a portable power bank with a Kiierr laser cap. This means, even if you are going somewhere, you can take the cap with you. With the help of a portable power bank, you can charge and use this cap anywhere.
  6. There is no reminder beeps to disturb you: Most of our gadgets have reminder beeps. These reminder beeps are less useful and more irritating. But this is not the case with the Kiierr laser cap as there is no reminder beeps to disturb you.

Kiierr laser light cap is one of the most famous names in the current market of laser light caps. One of our team members has a hair loss problem, we chose Kiierr Laser Cap to solve it and now we are going to tell you our experience with this product.


What we liked in Kiierr laser cap

  1. Low light laser therapy is an advanced technology, but it was present in the market for a long time. But earlier you had to go to the clinic for this, that too more than 2 times every week.
  2. But it was made portable with laser light caps. Now you can take advantage of this medical system while sitting at home. Because it grows hair naturally, it takes some time, but it is effective.
  3. Getting laser light therapy through the clinic can cost you thousands of dollars every year, while the Kiierr laser light cap costs a few hundred dollars, and can be refunded if you don’t get any benefits. With the Kiierr laser cap, you get a money-back guarantee of 7 months, that is, if you do not get the benefit, then you can take your money.
  4. To solve hair problems through the Kiierr laser light cap, we have to put it on our heads for only 30 minutes. It is also very easy to use, just apply it on the head and turn on the button. This device is so comfortable that you can continue any other work after applying it to the head.
  5. One good thing about the Kiierr laser cap is that there is no dirt or wetness even after applying it to the head. In simple language, it solves the hair-loss and baldness kind of hair problems with cleanliness. If you do not feel a bit better looking at the laser cap, then you can also cover it with your regular cap.
  6. Laser therapy devices also address genetic hair problems. That is, even if you are troubled by the problem of genetic baldness, the Kiierr laser cap can prove to be profitable for you.

What we didn’t like in Kiierr laser light

  • Kiierr laser light cap is a portable laser therapy product that is really effective and also economical. That’s why there is nothing negative about it. But there is one negative point about laser light therapy medical treatment. That is its time consumption problem.
  • Laser light therapy is an effective way to solve hair problems and has no side effects. But it does not have an instant effect. It mainly depends on the patient. Sometimes it takes 6 to 7 months to see its effect. The effect starts to appear in an average of 7 months.

For many people, this may be too much time. But because it has no side effects and is better than many other artificial methods, it is not so bad either.

Hair loss problem is considered to be common nowadays. These types of problems also increase with old age. Many people face the problem of hair loss at a very young age. The lack of hair and baldness in the head causes embarrassment, and sometimes it can be really unbearable.

If you are also one of those people who are looking for a cure for hair loss and baldness problems then maybe low light laser therapy can prove to be beneficial for you. Low-level laser therapy is a type of modern medical system that radiates photons into existing tissues in the scalp. This encourages hair to grow.

Low-light laser therapy is considered beneficial for the solution of hair problems and mainly does not have any side effects. Low light laser therapy was invented in 1960 and now this technology has developed so much that hair problems can be solved by using it through a small Cap.

If you are planning to buy Kiierr Laser Cap then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. In this article, we are going to tell you our experience with the product with full information of Kiierr Laser Cap. All topics such as what are laser caps and how does it treat hair will be covered in this article.

Kiierr Laser cap SCAM & Fake reviews

In our research, we found the company were using some wrong marketing tactic in promoting their products but after some reviews, they stopped it and changed their marketing strategies.

Even they started proving a full refund (money-back guarantee) if a user won’t see any result even after using it for 210 days continuously.

Why is Kiierr not providing the refund?

Then, why do people say it’s not providing a refund?

Here is your answer;

If you go through their official website and navigate to their refund policy, you will get to know some important conditions which people usually don’t follow and start asking for a refund which is technically & ideally not possible for any company to refund.

If you follow their proper instructions and steps mentioned in their policy then you will surely get the full refund but ONLY IF YOU USE THEIR PRODUCT REGULARLY FOR 210 DAYS.

Few conditions to get a refund are;

  1. You need to register for the growth guarantee within 45 days of receiving your laser cap to be eligible. Most people forget it.
  2. One needs to send an email to for return process instructions.
  3. As per their policy returns 1 day to 209 days (7 months) from the date of receipt of the item are not allowed. Only after the usage of 210 days.
  4. Users must contact them between 210 to 240 days to be eligible.

I hope things are cleared now.

Should you try Kiierr laser cap or not (My HONEST Opinion)

Yes, if it’s needed for you then you must try it but keep in mind it will take a long in showing you results. Kiierr is the only company providing you 100% full refund if you don’t get any result. So, you can try it being risk-free.

Kiierr low-light laser caps are beneficial for all types of candidates. Both men and women can use this product. The special thing is that it is also effective for problems like genetic baldness.

You don’t even need to be completely bald to use it. If your hair is falling fast and not growing back, you can still use the Kiierr laser cap.

Kiierr laser cap has a good success rate, which means that most people have benefited from it. It has proved beneficial in all types of problems related to hair. You can use it for any hair related problem. The FDA has declared it a completely safe and effective declare.

Kiierr Laser Cap Pricing & Where to buy it

You do not need to go anywhere to buy Kiierr Laser Light Cap. You can just order it online and it ships Globally. Currently, 2 models of Kiierr laser cap are available: 148 and 272 laser diodes.

These are both caps with different capacities, which also have different prices.

The 148 Pro version of the Kiierr Laser Cap will cost you around  $675.

For Kiierr 272 premier version, you will have to pay around $845.


Kiierr Laser Cap PROS

There are many benefits of using Kiierr laser light cap, some of which are as follows:

  • Helps to grow hair naturally: Kiierr laser cap inserts photons into the skull using low light laser therapy medical tech. This naturally encourages hair to grow. It is better than many artificial methods out there.
  • Eliminates the problem of thin hair: There can be many reasons behind the problem of thin hair such as not getting proper nutrition etc. But this problem can be relieved by using low-level laser therapy. For this, you can use a portable Kiierr laser cap.
  • It heals damaged cells of your scalp: Damage to scalp cells is the main cause of many hair problems such as hair fall. In such a situation, if you want to get rid of these types of problems, then it is necessary to heal the damaged cells of the scalp. Kiierr laser cap can help you in this.
  • It resolves pattern baldness problems: Low dose laser light therapy is currently considered one of the best remedies for problems such as pattern baldness. The Kiierr Laser Light Cap gives therapy to your entire head and covers all parts easily. This can relieve pattern baldness.

Kiierr Laser Cap Cons

  • It may take 5 to 7 months to see its effect.
  • Expensive
  • Limited stocks


Don’t you want to learn about Laser caps, their SIDE EFFECTS & Benefits, Really?

You must if you’re planning to buy a laser cap for hair loss.

What are laser caps?

best laser caps

To understand laser caps, first, you have to understand low light laser therapy. Low light laser therapy, or LLLT, is a low-dose laser therapy that helps in the prevention of many skin related problems. It is mainly used for troubleshooting hair related problems. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) radiates photons into the scalp tissue. These photons are absorbed by weak cells and encourage hair growth.

Low light laser therapy is considered beneficial and safe by various medical institutions for hair problems. It is considered a modern medical system for growing hair in the head in a natural way. Now, if we talk about laser caps, then it is a type of headwear cap which has a low light laser therapy machine on the inside.

Laser caps are used to stimulate scalp and hair follicles using low-level laser therapy technology. These types of products contain low-power laser-emitting photons that penetrate the skull and target follicles. In simple terms, laser caps are a compact product for low light laser therapy using which one can get rid of problems like hair fall, baldness.

What are the real benefits of using a Laser cap?

Laser light therapy is one of the best and effective ways to grow hair naturally. These are definitely time consuming but effective. Many scientists refuse to accept but it has a very high success rate. Kiierr sells their products with an 89% success rate themselves.

There are many advantages to using laser therapy caps, some of which are:

  1. Laser caps are portable: The most interesting thing about laser caps is that they are portable. You can use them at the home, office or even while travelling.
  2. You can save thousands of dollars: If you choose a clinic method for low-level laser therapy, then you will have to spend at least 7 to 12 thousand dollars annually. While laser caps are quite economical.
  3. Laser caps are completely safe: One special benefit of laser caps is that they are completely safe. Laser caps use very low power laser light that does not burn or harm your skin.
  4. It doesn’t have any side effects: Laser caps have no side effects. We are not saying this, the FDA has said. Actually, laser caps use low light laser therapy technology, which does not cause any harm.
  5. It makes hair grow naturally: Laser caps using low-dose laser light therapy allow photons to penetrate your scalp, stimulating your hair to grow and heal. This makes your hair grow naturally and it is actually better than many artificial methods.
  6. Laser caps are effective: These are effective: The great thing about laser caps is that they are so effective. There are many techniques and medicines that even after spending thousands, do not get the benefit. But the success rate of laser caps is very high, even after being economical.

You have to spend a significant amount to get a quality and effective laser cap, so having questions are common. And when it comes to health, it is more important too.

Laser Cap Side Effects

  • If you are buying any product, then you should know about its side effects. But this is not the case with laser cos. The FDA itself made it clear that low-level laser therapy and laser caps have no side effects.
  • Very low dose therapy lights are used in this medical system. It is so less powerful that it doesn’t even harm skin a bit. This doesn’t burn your skin or cause any other harm to that. It kind of only encourages your cells. Cells carry out further work on their own. But this does not cause any side effects.

Why is Kiierr Laser Hair Cap is better than others?

Currently, there are a lot of laser caps available in the market, Kiierr is one of the biggest names among them but is it enough to choose it? If not, there are many other reasons to recommend it. Which are as follows:

  • Kiierr laser light caps are more economical: Of all the laser caps currently on the market, the Kiierr laser cap is the most economical. The Kiierr laser cap has a starting price of $675 while other laser caps are priced at an average of 900 dollars. While Kiierr is offering more facilities than many other brands.
  • Kiierr gives us a money-back guarantee for 7 months: 6 to 7 months is enough for any laser cap to show its effect. If you do not see the effect at this time, then this isn’t the treatment you need. Kiierr gives us a money-back warranty of 7 months on the product. That is, if you do not see the effect, then you can return the product and get a refund.
  • Kiierr has the highest success rates: One special thing about Kiierr is that it holds the highest success rate in the market. Kiierr says that their products come with an 89% success rate, which proves the effectiveness of the product. Apart from this, up to 90 percent of all reviews on Kiierr are positive. Those who are negative have also received refunds.
  • Kiierr laser light has no side effects: Kiierr laser caps are one of the products currently available on the market that have no side effects. These types of modern products often have many side effects but low power laser light does not cause any side effects.

After reading this Laser cap review, if you have any doubt, questions, or suggestions then please do drop a comment.

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