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irestore reviews fake or genuine

Laser therapy is one of the best solutions to fight against hair loss. iRestore is the best laser cap in the market that is safe to use and also readily available.

Are iRestore Reviews Fake?

But some people are saying that iRestore reviews fake, but this is not true. It is FDA approved laser cap that promotes hair growth.

People who say that the iRestore reviews fake must check out Trustpilot and other reviews portals. Many have used this laser cap to get stronger and thicker hair. Doctors even recommend iRestore as it works on the hairline and also stimulates hair regrowth.

One of the main reasons iRestore is so popular is the performance and affordable cost. iRestore can help people get back their lost confidence and make it easy for them to undergo hair regrowth treatment.

iRestore laser hair growth system is suitable for both men and women. The device is quite convenient and to use and is comfortable as compared to other laser devices. One can use iRestore with other hair loss treatments to get quick results.


How iRestore Laser Hair growth system works

irestore laser cap

The iRestore laser hair growth system is a helmet that is to be worn on the head. It is equipped with LEDs that emit low-level laser light to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth.

The device comes in different sizes so it can easily fit on the head. The lasers help to activate the dead cells of the scalp and thus encourage hair regrowth. It is not only for hair regrowth but also makes hair thicker and more robust.

The devices have to be used only for 25 minutes on an alternate day. It also comes with a clear timer display and switches off automatically after 25 minutes with a beep sound. So, it is not required to keep an eye on the clock to check to time as the lights turn off automatically after the fixed time.


iRestore Laser Cap Features

  1. The chic design of the device is also a point of attraction. It looks like a helmet and not any specific electrical appliance. Thus, the device looks fantastic and can be used to promote hair regrowth.
  2. It is FDA-approved and does not have any side effects. So, one who is struggling with hair loss should use the device to promote hair regrowth.
  3. The laser caps or helmets are to be worn on the head for a minimum of 25, iRestore comes with a lightweight system that makes you comfortable.
  4. It is a drug-free device that can be used by all who are 18 years and above. The device is non-invasive, and so everyone can undergo hair regrowth treatment.
  5. The devices come with a clear timer display that gives the option to start, stop and even pause the device. There is also an option to resume the device, and thus you are having complete control of the device.
  6. The low-level lasers stimulate the hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth. It also helps to make your hair thicker and healthier.
  7. The device is comparatively cheaper as compared to other laser caps or helmets. So, even if you are tight on budget but still willing to have hair regrowth treatment buy iRestore.
  8. iRestore starts showing results within 3 to 6 months. One can feel the difference, which encourages users to use the device as prescribed to get thicker and longer hair.

IMPORTANT: There is a product named Kiierr (the only product) that gives you the guarantee of Hair growth, if it does not work then you will get a FULL refund. You must give it a try once (official webpage) if you really want to regrow your hair.

Things we like

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  • Laser therapy like iRestore can be used along with other medications. Using different hair regrowth products and laser caps will increase the blood flow on the scalp and give quick results.
  • The hand-held device is very easy to use. It is a wired device but comes with 6 feet long cord that allows you to watch TV or read a book while wearing the helmet.
  • iRestore is to be used on alternate days only for 25 minutes. So, everything is relatively easy to go with the device.
  • The device shows the result within six months of usage. But in any case, there is no visible result; there is an option to get a refund. One can initiate a refund within 12 months of purchase.

Things we don’t like

  • The device does not come with rechargeable batteries and so it cannot be used at any time and anyplace. Moreover, one has to be near the power outlet to use the device.
  • iRestore has a more significant number of LEDs than lasers, and thus it takes time to show the results. One has to be patient enough to find the expected result.
  • The wired device does not give the flexibility to move, and so you need to use it at your home only.

iRestore Laser Cap Price

iRestore comes in two different models and pricing. Both models have different numbers of LEDs, so let’s check it out:

1. iRestore Professional

The price of iRestore professional is $1195, and it is equipped with 282 medical lasers and LEDs to show quick results. It also has an extended scalp coverage to cover even the side and back. It is pretty powerful and provides extra energy to the hair follicles.

2. iRestore Essential

It is available at $ 695 and has 51 laser and LEDs to promote hair regrowth. It covers the top scalp, hairline to encourage regrowth. It is pretty durable and affordable so that one who is looking to make their hair thicker can go for it.


iRestore Laser Pros

  1. People can use iRestore to make their hair thicker and longer. So, even if you do not have hair loss but are willing to get thicker and stronger hair go for iRestore.
  2. The device is powerful enough to go deep inside the scalp tissue and activate the cells go for regrowth. So, the hair starts to come back, and using it continuously can give sting and give long hair.
  3. The FDA-approved and clinically claimed device is drug-free and does not have any side effects.
  4. The clear timer display makes it very easy to control the device.
  5. iRestore is a hand-held device that comes with a long cord so that you can watch TV or do other work while using the helmet.
  6. The lasers penetrate the scalp to activate the dead cells. It does not have any pain as no instrument is going inside your skin. Thus, it is a non-invasive and best treatment to promote hair regrowth.
  7. The lightweight device is quite comfortable and also durable.
  8. The device comes with a 12-month guarantee so that if you do not find results within this time, it is possible to get a refund.
  9. Both men and women can use the device to promote hair growth.
  10. iRestore helmet has an ergonomic design along with five soft pads that help to divide weight equally. The LEDs are arranged such that there is uniform regrowth of hair.

iRestore Laser Cons

  1. People who have complete baldness and willing to get their hair back will not find the device effective. It is mainly for receding hairlines and to stop blading.
  2. The device uses LEDs that emit low-level laser light that takes time to show the result.
  3. The effect of the device is also dependent on the hair type and thus is not suitable for all kinds of hair loss.
  4. To maintain the growth and stop hair loss, one has to use the device continuously.
  5. It does not have rechargeable batteries, and thus if you are looking out to use the device at any time and any place, you need to purchase it separately.

Where to buy iRestore Laser Hair Growth System?

One who believes in iRestore and is willing to get hair back can order the device at popular online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and many others. Even one can buy the device from their official site

There are many online portals where one can find all the models of the device at great deals. So, don’t be hurry and check out different sites to get the device at a discounted price.

Who should not use the device?

  1. One who is looking for instant hair regrowth must not use the device. It takes time to show results, and so it is very important to have patience.
  2. Anyone who is entirely bald will not find the device effective. People who have had baldness for years means that the follicles are not active, so using lasers will not promote regrowth.
  3. It takes time and effort to see the result. So, one who does not wish to invest time must not use the device. Using iRestore continuously as prescribed will give good results, but it needs to put effort.

Is it safe to use the iRestore Laser Cap?

Yes, it is entirely safe to be used as it is FDA approved and has quality assurance by processionals. It also passed the safety test, and thus one who is looking to get hair back can use the device freely.

The clinical trial proves that there are no severe side effects of laser therapy, and thus one can use iRestore to get their hair back. One has to use the device on alternate days as using it daily might have some side effects.

One has to make sure that hair is dry before using the device. Moreover, it is not waterproof, and so there should be no contact with water. If there are any medical problems, it is better to consult a physician before using the device.

iRestore Laser Reviews 2023

Many people are using iRestore to promote hair regrowth. People are using the device to make their hair thicker and longer. There is genuine feedback from users on the official site. Amazon and many other review portals.

So, one who is saying that iRestore reviews are fake is just trying to degrade the brand. One who struggles with hair loss and looking for effective treatment can check the device and review people before placing the order.

iRestore is an effective hair regrowth device that might take time to show results but will indeed prove effective. Moreover, it is available at an affordable price as compared to other brands. So, people with a low budget and willing to get hair back can go for iRestore.

FAQs related to iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

1. Why go for a laser hair growth system?

The laser hair regrowth system uses the red light that penetrates the scalp and stimulates the head follicles. It will activate the dead cells, which helps for regrowth. Moreover, it will make your hair thicker, longer, and healthier.

2. Is laser therapy better than a hair transplant?

Yes, a hair transplant is quite expensive, so everyone cannot afford it. But laser devices like iRestore are affordable for all. Moreover, iRestore is a non-invasive device, while hair transplant is an invasive treatment. If it is about the result, no one guarantees the in any hair growth process.

3. What is the return policy for iRestore?

The iRestore starts showing visible results just after using the device for three months. One will see the difference, but if there is no effect, one can return it and get a full refund even after using it for 12 months.

4. Why should you buy iRestore?

iRestore has lasers and LEDs that emit light to go deep in follicles and promote hair regrowth. It is FDA-approved and thus does not have any side effects. Both men and women can use it.

Are iRestore Reviews Fake?

Remember that individual experiences with products can vary, and what works for one person may not work the same way for another.

If you’re unsure about the reliability of reviews, consulting with healthcare professionals, reading independent articles, and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can also be valuable in making an informed decision about a product like iRestore.

If you have concerns about the legitimacy of iRestore reviews, consider the following steps:

  1. Multiple Platforms: Check for reviews on various platforms, including the official iRestore website, reputable online retailers, and independent review websites. Consistent feedback across different sources can provide a more comprehensive understanding.
  2. Verified Purchase: On some platforms, reviews from verified purchasers (those who bought the product through that platform) can be more reliable than unverified reviews.
  3. Specifics in Reviews: Genuine reviews often contain specific details about the user’s experience, such as the duration of use, observed results, and any challenges faced. Generic or overly positive statements without specifics may raise questions.
  4. Engagement with Customers: Legitimate companies often engage with customers through responses to reviews, addressing concerns or providing additional information. If iRestore responds to customer reviews, this could be a positive sign.


In all, one who says or thinks that iRestore reviews fake are wrong, and they must check out the internet to get current information. The positive feedback and good ratings clarify that iRestore is one of the best laser caps to promote hair growth.

So, don’t believe in the wrong information, and all the reviews for iRestore are genuine. If you are struggling with hair loss or thinning hair, go for iRestore and check out the result.

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