iGrow vs iRestore Laser Cap – Which one is Better?

iGrow vs iRestore Laser CapToday almost every person is facing hair loss problems. Many laser treatments exist in the market, like laser caps, hairbands, combs, and many more devices to cure these problems. As there are many options to treat our hair from hair loss, the user may be confused about which device is best for their hair.

In this post, we’ll talk about iGrow vs iRestore. We will provide you with a brief knowledge about these devices. These laser caps are effective and safe for hair loss and hair thinning problems. If you face hair loss problems, hair thinning issues, you must go for best laser caps therapy.

This post helps you find out which one is the best device to protect your hair from future hair problems. Furthermore, we will also discuss all the important terms that made iGrow different from iRestore Laser cap. According to scientific studies, it is proven that laser treatments are the best and safest method for hair growth treatment.

There are many other reasons for your unhealthy hair, but these laser caps help you forget all these hair problems very soon. These are laser and LEDs based, so they work on your hair very nicely and these devices are clinically proven and tested.

iGrow vs iRestore comparison table

On the basis


iGrow laser hair helmet


iRestore laser cap for hair loss


FDA approved








Six months money-back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the result of the device. 100% refund guarantee provided to the users if customers are not happy with the result.


warranty One-year warranty. One-year warranty.
Increase in hair count


It shows different results according to men and women. There is an increase in 35% hair count in men whereas in females it was 37%.


On the other hand, there is an average increase in hair count, about 43.23%, in both men and women.


Technology used


Use LLT- Low-Level Laser Treatment helps in stimulating the growth of hair.


 iRestore also uses LLT-Low Level Laser Treatment.
Cost of product


Click here to check the price Click here to check the price
Time consumption


Takes 20-25 minutes per session treatment on every 2nd day.


It takes 25 minutes to complete treatment on every alternate day.


iGrow Laser Hair Helmet

iGrow laser helmet is one of the best laser helmets, which help grow thicker hair and prevent future hair loss problems. The iGrow helmet comes with 51 lasers of which 21 lasers and 30 LEDs.This laser helps stimulate the hair follicles and energizes them, helps make the hair stronger and healthier.

The best part about this helmet is that it looks like a helmet that makes it easy to use. This device is a hands-free device due to this feature, you do not need any manual movement for using this iGrow hair helmet.

iGrow laser hair helmet is FDA cleared helmet that ensures their safe and effective use and minimum side effects. It needs a session of 25 minutes. Different pre-programmed are sessions are there for both men and women. You need to use this device every 2nd day. This device is noninvasive. According to the studies, this device is nonsurgical and clinically proven. You can see the results in 4-6 months.

iGrow provide you six months money-back guarantee. If the customers are not satisfied with the result, they can return their order without any ques. This device is suitable for thinning hair .iGrow provides you a touch screen remote that helps you control the device. These laser helmets provide four adjustable spacing columns to adjust the iGrow laser helmet according to their head size. There is also an attached earphone which is also the best part of this device.

iRestore Laser helmetiGrow laser helmet features

  • iGrow helmet help in growing thicker hair.
  • As FDA approved so safe and effective.
  • Fully adjustable spacing columns for adjusting according to the size of head type.
  • Programmed sessions for both men and women.
  • Provides at-home treatment.
  • Proven by Science and Technology.
  • iGrow helmet provides iPod/mp3 interface with headphones.
  • iGrow is an affordable product.
  • Provides full scalp coverage.
  • Easy to use.



  • This laser helmet provides you hands-free treatment, which makes them convenient to use.
  • The iGrow laser helmet also comes with an automatic switch that turns off automatically when the session is finished.
  • These helmets look like and headset in which iPod /mp3 is provided with headphones.
  • iGroow laser hair helmet provides you six months money-back guarantee policy.
  • These laser helmets are more beneficial than other expensive treatments like surgeries, unhealthy medicines, shampoos, etc., which cause damage to your body also.
  • These helmets are FDA approved, so they are safe and effective.
  • Both men and women can use this device by selecting a pre-programmed session.
  • Any other member of your family can also use this iGrow laser helmet by adjusting spacing columns according to their head sizes.
  • This is a noninvasive and nonsurgical device.
  • There is no need to use the hair helmets daily .users have to use them every 2nd day.


  • iGrow laser hair helmets may not work on certain types of hair, these devices only work on people having mild to moderate hair loss, so these iGrow helmets are not effective for those who are completely bald for a long time.
  • Sometimes users headaches problems also.
  • Users may feel bored while using this iGrow device.
  • Some users report about this iGrow laser helmet in the initial stage of use that they experience more hair loss.

iRestore laser hair growth helmet/cap

iRestore Laser CapiRestore laser growth caps FDA approved and also clinically proven hair growth devices. This iRestore
is a wired laser helmet. If you want a hair loss solution without any surgery and pain experience, you must go for this iRestore hair helmet. The iRestore comes with a combination of laser and LEDs, which helps in fast-growing and provides thicker and healthier hair.

You can use this helmet at home without any help from an outsider. These iRestore helmets are comfortable to wear as there are soft pads equipped in this device. These laser helmets need to be worn for 25 minutes every second day. There is no need to keep your eye on the timer because an automatic switch automatically turns off when the treatment session will be finished.

The laser helmets stimulate the hair follicles, which help in growing thicker and stronger hair.


iRestore laser helmet features

iGrow vs. iRestore Laser Cap

  • iRestore hair laser helmet help in growing thicker, beautiful, and healthier hair.
  • These helmets can be used at home without any inconvenience.
  • This is a wired laser helmet that you need to work for 25 minutes.
  •  As iRestore helps in receding the hairline so this will help in promoting fast growth of hair.
  • There are two models of iRestore which reduces hair loss and increases hair growth.
  • The laser helmet treatment stimulates weaker hair growth and reduces hair thinning problems.
  • This iRestore helmet is a painless treatment and clinically proven for hair growth.
  • These come with a combination of LEDs and lasers, which protect the hair loss problems. Furthermore, these lasers come with automatic times, which shut down when the treatment session will be finished.


  • iRestore  designed for both men and women who suffer from hair loss problems.
  • These laser helmets are light weighted device and a plastic helmet which is easy to carry.
  • These laser helmets always effective and safe because FDA approves them.
  • Results can be seen within four months of use.
  • iRestore laser hair helmet comes with a timer with the help of which you can continue the session, stop the session, or start the session.
  • You can do your other work while using this iRestore laser hair helmet because this is a hand-free device.
  • iRestore laser hair helmet provides five monthly money-back guarantees to their customer if they are not satisfied with their product.


  • iRestore cap does not have rechargeable batteries.
  • This iRestore is a time-consuming process .one has to wore this laser helmet for 25 minutes. It takes a long session to complete the treatment.
  • These laser helmets have LEDs, so they may not go deep into the scalp to treat hair loss problems.

iGrow vs iRestore (Comparison)

iGrow vs. iRestore Laser helmet


This will help you to know which laser helmet provides you best treatment for hair loss. The success of these lasers does not depend on only treating the hair but also treating the bald patches on the scalp.

iGrow: This device helps in treating Androgenic Alopecia, thinning hair problems, treating baldness. These laser helmet stimulates the hair follicles and promotes the hair growth.

iRestore: this iRestore stimulate the scalp and help in promoting hair growth. It helps in treating baldness problems, hair thinning, alopecia. This is suitable for all hair types.

So both the laser helmets treat the same problems; hence they are at the same level.

2.Increase in Hair count:

This will help you know the increase in hair count after using this product.

iGrow: This iGrow hair helmet shows a different result for both men and women. In males, 35% increase in hair count while there is an increase in females about 37%. There is a faster increase in hair count in females as compared to males.

iRestore: For treating hair loss, both men and women can use this laser helmet. It is seen that there is an average increase in hair count, 43.23%.

So iRestore is more effective because the hair count is more in restore than iGrow.

3. Comfort:

iGrow: This iGrow hair helmet is comfortable to wear, and this comes with different headphones, adjustable columns, rotating weight distribution. Any other person in your family can use this laser helmet because it can fit any head size. This device provides you full scalp coverage. There are different modes you can adjust according to your hair type.

iRestore: This iRestore comes with a light weighted, comfortable, hand-free device. This also provides you a full scalp coverage for hair loss solutions. You can use this device with some other jobs also.

So iGrow laser hair helmet provides you more comfortability than iRestore hence iGrow is better than iRestore.

4. Guarantee:

Users only preferred those laser devices that offer them a money-back guarantee because in case if the device does not suit them, they can return the device and take their money back.

iGrow: if the user does not feel satisfied with the product, grow offers them six months money-back guarantee. This laser helmet also provides you with a one-year warranty if the product does not work, and then the user can repair the product.

iRestore: This laser helmet also offers six months money-back guarantee to their customers if they do not get positive results.

5. Results:

This will help you to know about the results of these laser devices.

iGrow: The iGrow laser hair helmets use lasers and LEDs to stimulates cellular rejuvenation, which causes promoting thicker, longer, and healthier hair. This laser helmet uses low-level laser technology. You can see the results in4-6 months.

iRestore: This laser device provides you low-level laser treatment, which helps regrow your hair in the same texture. This is also known as iRestore essential.

Both iGrow and restore uses the same technology for treating hair loss problems. This will help in growing thicker, stronger, and healthier hair again.

Thus after comparing both the laser devices, we conclude that iRestore is more effective than the iGrow laser hair helmet. Whereas the main aim of both the laser helmets is the same, the working of iRestore is faster than iGrow laser helmet.

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FAQS related to iGrow vs iRestore

Q.1. Are laser helmets effective for others products in the market?
Yes, both iGrow and iRestore laser helmets are effective than others products like shampoos, unhealthy medicines, expensive surgeries. They provide better and fast results as compared to other products.

Q.2 Why most users prefer FDA-approved laser devices?
FDA-approved laser devices are always safe and effective to use for hair loss problems.

Q.3 In iGrow vs. iRestore, which laser helmet is faster?
iRestore is faster than iGrow.During the examination, it is found that the average increase in hair count through iRestore is 43.23% which is more than iGrow.


Both the devices used to solve hair loss problems. People may select those laser devices that are comfortable, safe, effective, less time-consuming for them and it is difficult to choose the best laser helmet for their hair loss problems.  iGrow and iRestore not only provide you with hair growth but also full scalp and hair coverage.

In conclusion, if you want to get a fast result, then you’ll go for iRestore. Both these laser devices are FDA approved. iRestore provides more hair count than iGrow laser hair helmet.

By comparing iGrow and iRestore laser hair helmets, we conclude that iRestore is faster and better than the iGrow laser hair helmet. According to customers’ responses, both the devices are better for hair loss, effective in baldness.

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