iGrow Helmet Reviews- Is iGrow Laser Helmet (Hair) SCAM?

iGrow HelmetToday the major problem suffered by both men and women is a hair-loss problem. So please check out the iGrow helmet review to prevent hair loss problems, which helps you a lot. This post will tell you about an overview of the iGrow Laser helmet, which will define everything you need to know before all your important decision.

iGrow hair helmet review covers all the important pros and cons, price, how to use, and overview of general public feedback so at least you get an idea about buying iGrow helmets.

We will also tell you what we like about the product and the things we didn’t like. Furthermore, we will also answer frequently asked questions by the general public. The prices can slightly change from month to month or week to week. The cost may vary due to promotional activities, discounts.

What is the iGrow laser helmet?

iGrow hair helmets are low-level laser treatment (LLT) device which helps in regrow and restore hair and treat hair thinning problems. The hair helmets are easy to use as they do not require any manual inputs from the user.it looks like a headset that is comfortable to wear. The laser helmets are 25 minutes session.

This product is used every 2nd day. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if the iGrow helmet device does not work or the user is not satisfied with the result.

iGrow laser helmets are FDA-approved and completely non-invasive. both men and women can use iGrow laser helmets easily at home without any effort. As I grow is FDA cleared, so the users also feel safe to use. low-level laser treatment is clinically proven to prevent hair loss or thinning problems with minimum side effects.

iGrow Helmet Reviews


iGrow laser helmet -Main features

  • iGrow hair helmets help restore and regrow hair or help in preventing thinning hair problems.
  • Light-weighted and portable device.
  • iGrow laser helmets are used to use and look like easily wearable headsets.
  • If the iGrow laser helmets do not satisfy users’ needs, the company provides a six-month money-back guarantee.
  • One year warranty is also available for iGrow hair helmets.
  • As iGrow laser helmets are FDA approved, so users feel that this device is safe and effective to use.
  • iGrow hair helmets are designed for all head types.
  • iGrow hair lasers sessions are 25 minutes long, and LLT helps in growing the hair once again.
  • these laser helmets are used after every 2nd day.
  • iGrow laser helmets come with moveable spacing columns that fit all the head sizes, so other people can also use iGrow hair helmets to treat hair problems. As a result, it also helps in reducing the overall cost.
  • This home treatment device does not need any manual movement. the iGrow hair helmets come with an mp3 interface system.
  • A touch-screen is available for controlling the device.
  • iGrow helmets are low-level laser therapy (LLLT) that helps in promoting the cellular hair follicles and revive your hair.
  • The laser helmets operate on a system by combining laser and LED light diodes, stimulating the hair follicles and helps in promoting stronger, thicker, and healthier hair.
  • iGrow helmets provide full scalp coverage also.
  • iGrow laser is consists of 21 lasers and 30 LEDs.
  • These laser helmets are safe, effective, and clinically proven to grow hair in men and women.
  • There are five pre-programmed sessions also.
  • The iGrow helmets are designed to treat in reversing from thinner to thicker hair. A remote touch screen is provided, which helps in controlling all the settings. So these iGrow hair helmets are programmable for every person.
  • We do not need to contact outsider parties for treating our hair loss problem because iGrow laser helmets provide at-home treatment more efficiently.


How to use iGrow hair helmet?

Following steps are followed to use I grow laser hair helmet for effective results

Read the user manual: Before using iGrow helmets, one should have to read the instructions in the manual properly as many times before its first use. As FDA cleared, it is safe to use, but there are chances of failure if instructions are not followed properly.

Put iGrow laser helmet on your head: Secondly, users wear the iGrow helmets on their heads and set up desirable audio via aux plug.

select the pre-programmed session: thirdly, users have to choose one out of 5 pre-programmed sessions using a switch. After selecting a pre-programmed session, the session will start automatically when the session time is finished.

Repeat session: sessions are last long for 20-25 minutes .users can also continue the session by reading the instructions.

Users can put iGrow laser hair helmets by adjusting the size according to their head size. They can also listen to their favourite tunes while using this device.

What comes in the box of iGrow laser helmets?

iGrow Laser Helmet

Many things come with the iGrow laser helmets box;

  • Control switch.
  • iGrow Hair Rejuvenation System.
  • Universal Power Supply(110-240v).
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card (1-year warranty).
  • Input Wire For iPod/Audio device.
  • Information Brochure.
  • Premium Travel Case.

How does the iGrow laser helmet system work?

The iGrow laser helmets are low-level laser therapy with 51 lasers in which 21 laser and 31 LEDs are present. These laser and LEDs
lights work together to stimulates the hair follicles resulting in thicker and healthier hair. The iGrow hair helmets use red laser and LEDs to stimulates cellular activity to increase hair growth.

iGrow Helmet resultIs Grow laser helmet SCAM?

A common question arises in the mind of every person that does iGrow laser helmets work for hair loss solutions or a scam? My iGrow laser helmets review helps you to know about iGrow laser helmets. Hair loss, hair thinning problems become a serious problem in both men and women.

To prevent or cure these hair problems, users use many other methods to avoid future hair losses, such as unhealthy pills, expensive, painful surgeries, wigs, etc. But there is a cheaper and easy way to et your healthier, thicker, stronger hair without any painful treatment.

You can able to get your beautiful hair back with iGrow laser hair helmets. this device is a home treatment device that comes with five pre-programmed sessions .iGrow helmets come with switch control which helps control the process. iGrow laser helmets are not SCAM. It allows you to get your hair back.

In the beginning, some users find that while using iGrow laser hair helmets, the hair is starting losing, but in some weeks, you get healthier, thicker, stronger hair .results of iGrow laser helmets can be seen in 4-6 weeks. Yes, it takes time to work, but it is not SCAM.
Furthermore,iGrow helmets are clinically proven and FDA-cleared treatment for safe and effective hair loss or hair thinning problems. Other products provide less scalp coverage, whereas iGrow laser helmets provide full scalp coverage. This device suits each type of head size as there are adjustable columns in laser helmets.

Things we like

Reduces hair thinning and hair loss problems: iGrow helps in reduces hair loss and hair thinning problems. In the beginning users have complaints about this product that their hair starts falling after using iGrow helmets. Still, after a few weeks of use, their hair becomes stronger and beautiful than earlier. Firstly, they maintain the level of hair; then, it slows down the hair loss to nil.

Money-back guarantee:

Users are given six months guarantee if they feel like the iGrow helmets do not work properly, then users can take their money back without any questioning. This is the best feature of iGrow laser helmets.

The iGrow helmets thicken the hair: Low-level laser treatment stimulates the follicles and helps in promoting the thicker hair. Most people suffer from thin hair problems; grow helps in growing thicker hair.

Fits for all head sizes: iGrow helmets have moveable spacing columns and rotating weight distribution. These iGrow helmets are suitable for all head sizes and all hair types.iGrow helmets also have features of headphones.

FDA approved: As FDA approved, these iGrow helmets are safe and effective for preventing genetic hair loss.
Also convenient, lightweight, and easy to use.Provides full scalp coverage

Things we don’t like

It does not work for some people: some users reported that the device does not work on them.iGrow helmets work only mild to moderate genetic hair loss .it does work on bald people.

Several people also state that their hair growth increases from the earlier period. Uncomfortable iGrow laser helmets: As there are earphones around, I grow laser hair helmets to press the ears tightly. As a result, it is painful to wear.

Suffers hair loss in starting few weeks: users report that they experience hair fall with 12 weeks of use which causes users to think that this device does not work properly.

Lasers sessions are 20-25 minutes long: The user may be bored while using this device for 25 minutes. So this device takes a long time session. However, results can be seen with 4-6 months, .so it is a long-time session device.

From where to buy iGrow laser helmet

iGrow laser hair helmets are available on Amazon. You can also check their reviews on Amazon before making purchasing this item.


Price guide

Click here to check the price. The price of the product is shown at the time of review. The price may vary from week to week and month to month, depending on promotional activities and discounts.

Trusted product

This iGrow helmet is a trusted product as these are USFDA approved devices which clears that these helmets are safe and effective in use. These iGrow helmets are clinically proven products. These are low-level laser electronic system device which comes with51 laser .theses lasers helps in stimulate the hair follicles and grow thicker and stronger healthier hair. That is why this is a trusted product.

Home treatment

These iGrow laser hair helmets are easy to operate at home without taking the help of any other person. This device is handy and portable. We do not need the help of another outsider for treatment of our hair loss problems.


Low-level laser therapy is an effective and safer device that works against hair loss problems because it emits light which causes increases in ATP, which causes growth in hair. Furthermore, it emits a red light laser, which improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles, and preventing in hair loss problems.

laser therapy also helps in hair transplant more effectively. Moreover, the quality of hair also increases. Therefore, you can get your thicker and healthier hair by using I grow laser hair helmets.

iGrow helmet before and after (Result)

1. Before treatment

Hair loss problem faced by almost every person. This condition of hair loss is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Due to this genetic hair loss, the hair follicles start becoming weaker, and the hair becomes thinner and damaged properly. The hair follicles become more vulnerable at that level; we are unable to produce it again. As a result, the hair follicles almost die.

2. Changes in the hair during the treatment

iGrow laser hair helmets provide low-level laser therapy and scientifically proven effective devices. It comes with51 laser light that stables and maintains healthier, thicker, and stronger hair. This iGrow laser hair helmets provide energy to the weaker hair follicles and stimulate them.

3. After treatment, results of iGrow hair helmets

continuously using this hair therapy provides effective results within 4-6 months of use. This device helps in treating the Androgenetic Alopecia for preventing thinning of hair. It helps in reviving thicker and healthier hair again.

Pros and cons -iGrow hair helmet


  • iGrow helmets are hand-free devices. We do not need to use our hands for using this iGrow helmet like other hair combs. So it is one thing that users do not feel hand fatigue while using this device.
  • These iGrow helmets are easy to use because a proper manual is provided with the system.
  • Another pro about the iGrow helmet is automatically turned off when the treatment session’s completed. The session will last long for 25 minutes,
  • One should not have to worry about using it for a single day. This iGrow laser hair helmet uses every 2nd day of use.
  • According to clinical studies, they showed an increase in hair growth about 30% in both men and women within 13-15 weeks.
  • It also provides a money-back guarantee if the product does not work properly but only through dedicated suppliers.
  • FDA-approved devices, so it assures the safety and effectiveness of the product. iGrow helmets provide confidence in customers as they are USFDA PRODUCT.
  • iGrow laser helmets are consist of 51 laser light. In which 21 lasers and 30 LEDs are available.
  • These devices are non-surgical.
  • We do need to worry about the effective rechargeable battery. You have to plug it into a standard outlet.
  • Different pre-programmed sessions are provided for both men and women.
  • This iGrow laser helmet is suitable for all head sizes and all hair types.
  • iGrow hair helmets provide a home treatment system. However, users do need to contact outsiders party for their hair loss treatment.
  • A touch screen control device is also provided to control the device. In addition, users can enjoy the mp3 attached to the system.
  • It comes with headphones users can relax while using the iGrow laser helmets.


  • Users sometimes feel bored while using iGrow helmets.
  • As these iGrow laser helmets are non-invasive, so the side effects are usually rare. However, sometimes this device causes headaches.
  • The product has a high price tag.
  • iGrow laser helmets take time to show the results. So, that’s it is a time-consuming product.
  • Unfortunately, this iGrow laser helmet does not work for completely bald people for a longer time. This device is only helpful for those who have mild to moderate genetic hair loss.
  • In the initial stage of use, users experience hair loss while using iGrow laser helmets.

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FAQS related to iGrow laser hair helmet

Q.1 What is the guarantee policy about iGrow laser hair helmets?
iGrow helmets provide a money-back guarantee of 6 months.

Q2 Can both men and women use iGrow laser helmets?
Yes, this I grow helmets used by both men and women above 18 years.

Q3. Can other people in our home also use iGrow laser hair helmets for hair loss problems?
Yes, this iGrow laser helmet is used by other family members because it has moveable spacing columns that fit on different head sizes.

Q.4 how many times do I grow laser hair helmets are to be used in a week?
These iGrow laser hair helmets are used every second day.


As iGrow laser hair helmets, USFDA approved, I recommend you to use this laser helmet for hair loss problems or hair thinning problems because FDA products are safe and effective in use. This grows hair helmet comes with 51 laser lights which stimulate the hair follicles and provide better and thicker hair.

Users must use this device because iGrow hair helmets provide six months money-back guarantee. If the users will not satisfied with the result, then they can return the product and take their money back. Many people are getting results, and they are still singing iGrow laser hair helmets for hair loss problems.

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