How long to wear a Laser cap?

how long to wear laser cap

Everyone knows that laser therapy is very effective for hair regrowth. Many brands have come up with various Laser caps for hair loss that can suit your budget. But the question is how long to wear the laser cap.

In such a fast-moving life, we find it very hard to take extra time for undergoing such treatment. Moreover, it is not for a month or two as one needs to wear the laser cap for 6-7 months to get visible results.

How to wear Laser Cap

Every brand is different from others, and so the timing to wear the cap also differs. Let’s see how long laser cap is to be worn for effective results:


It is one of the best products for hair growth. The positive feedback and good results have helped to hold a good position in the competition. iRestore laser hair growth system is to be worn for 25 minutes on alternate days.

It means one day you have to wear it for 25 minutes and the next day take a break. Again, repeat the process, and thus it needs to be worn only three days a week.


This FDA-approved cap is to be worn only for 6 minutes daily. It also comes with cooling technology that avoids harm and overheating of the cap. As said, it is to be worn daily but only for 6 minutes which is quite flexible.

The Capillus laser cap comes with a rechargeable battery and looks like a regular baseball cap. So, you can wear it even at your work and don’t need to take out much of the time from your busy schedule.


Illumiflow is also considered one of the best laser caps in the market. Illumiflow is to be worn for 30 minutes on every alternate day. It allows free movement and so you can wear it while doing your other routine work.

It comes with two different models and is also one of the affordable laser caps that gives effective results.

These are the top three brands in the market for hair regrowth, and each one is different from the others. So, wearing the cap to get hair back is entirely dependent on the brand.

It is advisable to go for a laser cap that looks similar to a regular cap with a rechargeable battery. These caps give you the flexibility of movement and do not require you to stick to one place. One can wear the cap even while walking or working.

One must follow the instruction to get effective results. Some caps come with an automatic shut-off so that you get notified and thus avoid overheating. So, before making the purchase check out the time duration to wear the cap.

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