How long does laser cap take to work?

how long does laser cap take to work

There are many products and treatments to reverse the hair loss process, and among all, low-level laser therapy is the best. Laser caps make it very comfortable to undergo laser treatment from the comfort of the home.

But humans are pretty impatient and lookout to get a quick result which is a difficult task. Yes, opting for a laser cap to get visible growth will take time. The laser therapy starts showing results after using the cap at least for 12-24 weeks based on the research and studies.

So, one who is willing to get hair back has to wait a minimum of 4 months to see visible results. Indeed, the result is not always the same as it varies from person to person depending on the following factors:

  1. The type of hair loss as these laser caps are effective at the initial stage of hair loss and not after getting bald.
  2. Laser therapy emits laser light through diodes that are installed in the cap. More the number of diodes means more scalp coverage and effectiveness.
  3. The duration of the laser cap to show its effect is also dependent on the type of hair loss.

Hair restoration process using a laser cap

First 3 months

It is the stage where hair shredding increases. But don’t get stressed as it shows that lasers are helping to shred old hair to make space for new hair. These will also help make the hair follicle more vital, so it is possible to have some itchiness during this phase.

3 to 6 months

In this phase, the shredding of hair is reduced. It also assures you that you are using the laser cap as required. It is possible that there are no visible results during these three months but be happy as hair loss is reduced.

One would even feel that hair thinning is decreased, and hair is looking fuller. It is a good sign, and so don’t get disheartened by not seeing expected results.

6 to 12 months

It’s the time when the actual result of laser therapy is visible. The hair loss is reduced, and infect it is looking thicker and more robust. Receding hairline is diminished, and if you have pictures of before starting the treatment and after reaching this phase, results are visible.

12 months and above

After a year of using a laser cap, you get to see good results, but using it for longer will make the difference. One would be happy to see longer and stronger hair, and it will encourage one to use the cap for a longer time.

Shall I continue treatment after getting effective results?

Yes, one who is willing to maintain hair growth must use the laser cap as prescribed even after getting satisfactory results. Many people are using the cap to get thicker and stronger hair.

People who are using laser caps for hair restoration need to keep patience for getting visible results. It will take time but using it as required will surely give results. Also, to reduce hair loss for the future, keep on using the caps.

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