Capillus vs iRestore – Which One is better Laser Cap?

Capillus vs iRestore

Today, many brands come up with different types of laser caps, helmets, and many other such things for hair regrowth. As there are many options, users are confused, so we check Capillus vs. iRestore.

It is proved that lasers are very effective for hair growth and are one of the best treatments. These laser caps are effective for receding hairline, increased baldness and thus helps to give thicker and stronger hair.

If you are also facing any such hair problem and looking for an effective solution, go for a laser cap. Many factors are considered and so let’s check what makes Capillus different from iRestore. It will make it easy for users to conclude and opt for the best among both.

Capillus vs iRestore – Comparison Chart

Capillus iRestore
FDA cleared FDA cleared
Uses only high-grade medical lasers Combination of LEDs and lasers
Need to be used 6 minutes daily 25 minutes on alternate days
6 months money-back guarantee with 25% shipping charge. 12 months money-back guarantee
Looks like a baseball cap and portable It is a wired laser helmet
Results are visible after 6 months Results are visible after 4-6 months
Laser caps are quite expensive Available at a lower price




Capillus Laser Cap

capillus laser cap

Capillus is one of the best laser caps that promotes hair growth. The best part is this laser cap looks like a regular baseball cap, and thus you can wear it while going out of the house. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and so you are free to do work while wearing it.

It is an FDA-cleared cap that ensures safety, and there are minimal or no side effects. It needs to be worn only for 6 minutes daily, which is negligible compared to other laser caps.

Using the cap daily will help nourish and stimulate hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. It is true that a laser cap takes time to show visible results but using it daily for 6 minutes will surely give thicker and longer hair in the long run.

It is best suitable for thinning, increasing baldness, and receding hairline. Both men and women can use this laser cap to get good hair. Capillus also comes with six months money-back guarantee if results are not visible.


Capillus Laser Cap Features

  1. Capillus is an FDA-cleared cap that means it is entirely safe to treat hair loss.
  2. The cap is to be worn only for 6 minutes daily. Also, it comes with an automatic shut-off to avoid overheating.
  3. High-quality medical lasers are efficient enough to similar hair follicles and go deep to activate the cells for hair growth.
  4. The lasers are designed such that the cap gives full scalp coverage. So, if it is receding hairline or thinning, Capillus would be effective in every manner.
  5. It comes with a rechargeable battery where you need to charge it once in 2 weeks. It also makes it portable and can be used even while travelling.
  6. Capillus comes with six months money-back guarantee, so if one is not satisfied with the result, they can initiate a refund.


  • Capillus laser cap is similar to the baseball cap and can be worn even while going out of the home.
  • The portability of the laser cap gives you the freedom to do any work or even go to the office while wearing the cap.
  • The hands-free laser cap is very convenient to use and comes with an automatic shut-off after 6 minutes.
  • It is compatible with other hair products like shampoo, conditioners, oil, and even supplements.
  • It is an FDA-cleared cap that both men and women can use to promote hair growth.
  • The best thing is the Capillus support team that helps users if they face any issues while using the cap.
  • There are different models, so one can purchase the cap that suits their budget and requirements.


  • The pro model of the Capillus laser cap is quite expensive.
  • There is a 6-month refund option, but customers are required to pay 25% of the shipping charges on the return.
  • Results are visible after six months, and so it is essential to have patience.
  • It comes in a single head size that is not adjustable for all.

iRestore Laser hair growth system (Laser Cap)

irestore laser cap review

iRestore looks like a helmet and consists of both lasers and LEDs. It is an effective laser solution to treat receding hairline and also encourage hair growth. One looking for an effective solution to treat hair loss can go for iRestore, as it is quite affordable.

The helmet can be used at home, and there is no need to visit a doctor. It is a wired laser helmet that needs to be worn for 25 minutes on alternate days. The helmet is equipped with soft pads to make it comfortable to wear.

iRestore comes with a timer display that allows controlling the working of the helmet. The cap shuts off automatically after using it for 25 minutes so that you are not required to keep an eye on the timer.

There are two models of iRestore that promote hair growth. The laser helmet stimulates hair follicles and thus helps to get thicker and longer hair. It is an FDA-clear laser solution that is safe for all.


iRestore Laser Cap Features

  1. iRestore is a form of a helmet but is light in weight. It also has a soft pad that makes it quite comfortable.
  2. The clinically tested laser helmet is painless and is recommended for hair growth.
  3. The helmet does not come with a rechargeable battery but has a long cord that makes it flexible to carry out the work while wearing the helmet.
  4. The combination of LEDs and lasers stimulates the hair follicles and makes it more vital to promote hair regrowth.
  5. The helmet shuts off automatically after 25 minutes, and also it has a timer display to control the working of the cap.


  • iRestore is FDA cleared cap and is compatible with hair growth products to get effective results.
  • It is suitable for both men and women who are suffering from pattern hair loss or alopecia.
  • The helmet comes with the timer dusky, which means you can start, pause or resume the working of the laser cap with ease.
  • The plastic helmet is relatively light in weight and also comfortable to wear.
  • The results are visible within four months of usage. Thus, it encourages users to use it for a long time to get satisfactory results.
  • It is a hands-free device which means you can do other work while wearing the cap.
  • It comes with six months money-back guarantee, so if you don’t find results, get your money back.
  • The iRestore laser hair solution is best for receding hairline and thinning., One using it for a long time can get stronger and thicker hair.


  • iRestore also has LEDs that do not go deep in the scalp and are not so effective in increasing baldness.
  • One has to keep patience as it might take time to show results.
  • The cap is to be worn for 25 minutes, and also, it does not have a rechargeable battery which means one is restricted to their home while undergoing treatment.

Capillus vs. iRestore (Detailed Review)


Comfort and look are important concerns for laser caps. Capillus is just like a baseball cap that comes with a rechargeable battery. It allows using the cap even while not at home and thus is quite flexible. It is not adjustable and thus does not fit everyone.

iRestore is a form of helmet that comes with medical pads to get comfort. It has a long wire that allows you to read the book or do other work while plugged in. But you are required to stay at home while undergoing the treatment. The helmet is entirely adjustable and thus is suitable for all head sizes.

Laser vs. LED

It is believed that both lasers and LED are proved technology for hair growth. But medical lasers are better as compared to LEDs. Capillus is made with high-quality medical lasers only, while iRestore has a combination of both LED and lasers.

The studies show that LEDs don’t go deep into the scalp and do not give satisfactory results. Capillus is designed with lasers that form a narrow laser beam that goes deep into the scalp to promote hair growth. But in both cases, it needs time to show results.


Price is an important factor while looking for a laser cap. People looking for a laser cap to deal with mild or moderate hair loss on a limited budget will find iRestore best. Capillus is comparatively expensive, and thus, people with a tight budget will find it challenging to get it.

Moreover, the price of the laser cap also depends on the model and the type of hair loss. If the hair loss is in the advanced phase, it is better to go for the pro model of Capillus as it is pretty effective and goes deep in the scalp.

Time comparison

Time is also considered while looking out for a laser cap. People avoid all such treatment as it takes time and one has to follow for a long time. iRestore needs to be worn for 25 minutes on alternate days, while Capillus must be worn only for 6 minutes daily.

But the time takes to see visible results is more in Capillus as compared to iRestore. Yes, Capillus starts showing results after six months of usage while iRestore shows effect after four months.

All users are required to have patience as many other factors decide the time to get results.

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FAQs related to Capillus vs iRestore

1. What is the main difference between Capillus and iRestore?

Capillus is made with high-quality medical lasers, while iRestore is the combination of both LEDs and lasers. If we think of price, iRestore is affordable as compared to Capillus.

2. Why opt for FDA cleared laser cap?

It is said that lasers can damage body cells, and so people undergoing laser treatment to deal with hair loss must look for the safest option. Yes, FDA-cleared caps are safe and helps to stop hair loss. There are no or minimal side effects of using FDA-cleared laser caps.

3. Is laser cap effective with other hair products?

Yes, you can use both Capillus and iRestore with hair-growing products like shampoo or supplements. Both these laser caps, when used with any such hair products, results are quick and satisfactory.


Both Capillus and iRestore are adequate to deal with hair loss. People suffering from hair loss can opt for these laser caps based on hair loss, budget, and comfort. It is hard to say which one is better than the other as there are factors that make both of them suitable in their way.

Capillus and iRestore can go deep in the scalp and make follicles strong to encourage hair growth. These laser caps are FDA cleared and are compatible with other hair growth products. If you are tight with a budget and have moderate hair loss, iRestore is better.

But if you have a receding hairline or in the advanced phase of loss, go for Capillus. It is comparatively expensive but is more effective for advanced hair loss. Moreover, Capillus is portable and comfortable, which means the rei no hindrance to carry out routine life.

These laser caps are not so effective in baldness, but if you are looking to get rid of hair loss and willing to have thicker hair go for it. The positive feedback of users clarifies that both are better but to get satisfactory result people to prefer Capillus as has quality medical lasers.

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