Capillus Laser Cap Review- Does Capillus work?

capillus laser cap review

People suffering from hair loss and looking for some effective results would find laser therapy the best option. The study and evidence make it clear that Low-Level Laser Therapy stimulates the cells of hair follicles and encourage them to grow.

Many brands have come up with different types of laser caps for hair loss consisting of lasers, LEDs, or both. One such laser cap that can reverse the hair loss process and comes with medical lasers is “Capillus Laser Cap“.

Capillus is FDA approved and clinically tested laser cap that does not cause any side effects. The high-quality lasers used in the cap gives full scalp coverage and is used by both men and women.

Capillus laser cap comes in three different versions, which are as follows:

  1. Capillus 82: It has 82 lasers and is also known as CapillusUltra.
  2. Capillus 202: Equipped with 202 medical high standard lasers. It is also called as CapillusPlus.
  3. Capillus 272 (Pro): The CapillusPro is the highest version of the cap, equipped with 272 lasers. This powerful laser cap gives full scalp coverage.

Capillus 82 vs 202 vs Capillus Pro (272) – Capillus Laser Cap Review

Capillus 82 Capillus 202 Capillus 272
82 medical lasers 202 laser diodes 272 lasers
 FDA cleared FDA cleared FDA cleared
Portable with a rechargeable battery Portable and comes with a rechargeable battery The rechargeable battery makes it portable
Average scalp coverage Full scalp coverage Full scalp coverage
Normal intensity Capillus 82*2.5 work rate Capillus 82*3.3 intensity
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How does the Low Level of Laser therapy work?

The Low-Level Laser stimulates the hair follicles and activates the dead hair cells. The increased circulation of blood near the scalp helps cells get the required nutrients that encourage hair to regrow.

The metabolism of cells increases and thus activates the antigen hair follicles, which is the main reason for hair fall. There is evidence to prove that a narrow laser beam goes deep into the scalp and results in hair restoration.

The whole laser process is non-invasive and easy. Laser caps have made the treatment comfortable as you need to wear the cap as prescribed, and everything will be done by itself.

Does Capillus Work?

capillus laser cap

Capillus is one of the best laser caps in the market that is equipped with medical lasers. The high-quality lasers stimulate the hair follicles and nourish the hair cells. Thus it thickens the hair follicles and encourages to have healthier and stronger hair.

Yes, the Capillus laser cap does work and proved by a 95% success rate and positive feedback of users.

Capillus comes with a rechargeable battery so you can move freely while wearing the cap. It is worn for 6 minutes daily, and the Capillus laser cap looks like a regular baseball cap. Thus you can wear it while going out of the house.

The Capillus laser cap comes in three different models where the only difference is in the number of laser diodes and budget. As the number of laser diodes increases, coverage and intensity would also increase and thus give effective results.

Many physicians recommend Capillus laser cap for hair loss treatment. It has ISO13485 certification that ensures the device is safe to use. The Capillus laser cap is US manufactured and comes with the support team to solve user doubts.

Still, Capillus 82 and Capillus 202 are in great demand and an effective solution for hair loss. So, let’s check the review of Capillus laser caps and get an idea of which laser cap is best for you.

Capillus Laser Cap Review: Features

  1. The Capillus laser cap is equipped with medical lasers and does not have LEDs.
  2. The FDA approved laser cap is safe for both men and women. It is safe to use and can reverse the hair loss process.
  3. The Capillus laser cap treats hair loss and hair thinning. There are many cases where it has worked with hereditary hair loss.
  4. The laser cap comes with 5mW lasers diodes that can penetrate the scalp and promote hair regrowth.
  5. The device comes with a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable to make the device portable.
  6. The Capillus laser caps gives good scalp coverage even with eight lasers. But one who is in the advanced hair loss phase will find Capillus
  7. 272 best as it provides full scalp coverage.
  8. Comparison Chart Capillus 82 vs 202 vs 272

Where to buy Capillus Laser Cap?

Luckily, Capillus laser caps are available on Amazon. You can buy any of their 3 caps as per your needs and budget from the below added buying links. You can check customer reviews, recent prices, and order pages by following these links.

  1. To Buy Capillus 82 cap Click Here
  2. To Buy Capillus 202 cap Click Here
  3. To Buy Capillus pro (272) cap Click Here

Capillus Laser Cap Result timeframe

does capillus work

The results of using Capillus laser cap varies from person to person. It needs time to get visible results, and so one has to keep patience. Let’s see the expected timeframe of results with the Capillus laser cap.

  • 0 – 3 months: The first three months can see hair shedding as the scalp makes a place for new hair. It shows the treatment is under process.
  • 3 – 6 months: The hair loss is reduced, and thus, your hair looks somewhat thick. AS hair loss is reduced, the existing hair does not get shed off while new hair is on the way.
  • 6 – 9 months: Hair follicles become stronger and thicker as new hair starts growing, and the results are visible.
  • 9 – 12 months and more: the full effect of the Capillus Laser cap will result in long, healthier, stronger and thicker hair. One has to use it continuously for some time to avoid hair loss and promote hair growth.

Capillus Laser Cap Reviews by Users

It is very important to consider the customer feedback before concluding. There are many positive reviews and pictures regarding the Capillus laser cap, which helps one trust it. High-quality medical lasers are effective in hair restoration.

There are some negative reviews too as the price is quite high and people who are not getting result find it ineffective. But there are many positive feedbacks on the official site, Amazon, Trust Pilot that shows one can go for it.

Most people opt for Capillus Pro as it gives full scalp coverage and is also effective as compared to other models. Many users are getting visible results after using it continually for four months. Thus it shows that using for a longer time will be helpful for hair loss treatment.

Pros of Capillus Laser cap

  • The cap’s design is similar to a normal baseball cap, and thus it is quite comfortable to wear.
  • Capillus is an FDA approved laser cap that is clinically tested to restore hair and does not have side effects.
  • One can opt for other hair treatments like supplements and the Capillus laser cap to get effective and quick results.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery and thus makes it portable. So, you are free to move while wearing the cap.
  • It comes with a universal AC adapter, and thus it can be used even while travelling.
  • The Capillus laser caps come with six months’ money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t see results, return them and get your money back.
  • It is effective for both men and women that are facing androgenetic alopecia.
  • Capillus has positive reviews on official site, shopping sites and even on Trust Pilot. T has even positive feedback on Instagram that shows one can believe it.
  • It is a hands-free device that is to be used only for 6 minutes daily. People who are firm enough will not find it a problem.
  • The laser cap comes with minutes’ automatic shut off to avoid overheating, and also, you are not required to keep an eye on the clock.
  • The Capillus laser caps come in three models, so one can select the one in their budget and thus reverse the hair loss process.

Cons of Capillus Laser cap

  • The Capillus laser cap is to be used for 6 minutes daily, not permissible for everyone.
  • The price of Capillus laser caps, no matter opting for 82, 202 or 272, is quite high, which makes it quite unaffordable.
  • Users have to wait for six months to see results. So, one has to keep patience to get effective results.

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FAQs related to Capillus Laser Cap

1. Is Capillus laser cap safe?

The Capillus laser cap is FDA clear, which shows it is safe to treat the androgenetic phase of hair loss. It uses a low-level laser with an intensity of 650nm, and the medical study proves that it is safe for the human body. The red light is therapeutic and does not cause damage to cells.

2. Does Capillus work, really?

Yes, the Capillus laser cap works in most cases, and it is proved by a 95% success rate and positive feedback of users. The laser technology cannot reverse baldness but can help with receding hairline and tinning. It might take time to buy Capillus laser cap works.

3. Why Capillus laser cap has to be used daily?

Capillus laser cap is to be worn for 6 minutes daily. According to the company, the continuous emission of wave gives uniform distribution of laser, which is very effective for hair growth treatment. Even if results are visible, one must continue the use of a cap to maintain hair.


In all, the Capillus laser cap is one of the best in the market that is FDA cleared and safe for hair growth. Many people are happy with the product and also got visible results using it regularly.

People are confused regarding which Capillus laser cap must consider their budget and type of hair loss. If your budget is less, go for the Capillus Ultra and if the budget is not a concern, go for CapillusPro.

One must check the return policy and warranty before making a purchase. In all Capillus laser cap is a good option to treat hair loss.

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