Can Laser hair therapy cause cancer?

Does Laser hair therapy cause cancer? People often go for laser therapy sometimes for removing unwanted hair from the body and sometimes for hair regrowth purposes. Laser therapy indeed causes some temporary side effects. There are no studies that prove it, and so people must stop believing it. Infect laser therapy is an easy process … Read more

Best Red Light Therapy Device for Hair Loss

There are various types of devices available in the market for Red light therapy for hair loss treatment. The two major Red light therapy devices are; Laser combs Laser caps for Hair Loss We will recommend you go with Laser caps as the best red light therapy device for your hair loss treatment. Contents1 Best … Read more

Does laser light therapy work for hair loss?

The problem of hair loss is considered normal nowadays. There can be many reasons for this, such as age, heredity, hormonal changes or poor nutrition. There can be many solutions to this problem and one of them is Laser light therapy! There are a lot of rumours circulating on the internet about laser light therapy. … Read more